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Sunday October 14th

  • Registration

    Tokyo American Club

  • Doors Open

    Tokyo American Club

  • Food Service Pass hors d'œuvres

    Tokyo American Club

  • Opening Remarks - what to expect

    Speaking: David Denberg, Patrick Moynihan, Lisa Moynihan


Day 1

Monday October 15th

  • Registration at EDGEoF

  • EDGEof Opens

  • Opening Remarks

    Speaking: Lisa Moynihan

  • Remarks from the Minister of State for the Promotion of Overcoming Population Decline and Vitalizing Local Economy in Japan

    Speaking: Mrs. Katayama

  • Welcoming the Future

    Speaking: Mrs. Katayama, Nikola Pavesic

  • Musical Welcome

    Performing: Shelita Burke

  • A Fresh Look at the Movement of Blockchain

    Speaking: Patrick Moynihan, Josh Constine

  • Morning Tao in Motion

    With: Arthur Levitan

  • Coffee Break - ONGOING

  • Here Come The Tiny Gorillas

    Speaking: James Glasscock

  • Satoshi is Female: Women and the Future of Blockchain

    Speaking: Nyla Rodgers, Danielle Kayembe, Ashwini Anburajan, Shankhri Balaji, Breanne Butler

  • Energy on the Blockchain

    Speaking: John Wise, Oriol Pujoldevall, Tim Romero

  • Traditional Japanese Ceremony

    Tea Ceremony

  • Evaluating Crypto Assets in a Down Market / Reevaluating the Crypto Asset Class

    Speaking: Miko Matsumura

  • Decentralizing Music

    Speaking: Shelita Burke, Matt Hall

  • Contrasting Global Regulatory Approaches

    Speaking: Kendrick Ngyuen, Maja Vujinovic

  • Making a Global Impact

    Speaking: Rob Holzer, (Reza Bundy)

  • Lunch Break

  • ABAL Dinosaur Wireless Motion and Multiplay VR Experience

    ABAL VR Experience

  • ICO/STO Pitching

    Build Coin

  • ICO/STO Pitching

  • The Futures of Soverignity In A Blockchain World

    Speaking: Sarah Manski

  • ICO/STO Pitching


  • ICO/STO Pitching


  • How to Talk to Media for Blockchain Projects

    Speaking: Angie Lau, Yuji Nakamura, Haruka Nuga, Yuji Nakamura, Jake Adelstein

  • ICO/STO Pitching

    BDX Alliance

  • The Legal Dynamics of Tokenization

    Speaking: Bob Cornish, Sandra Wu

  • Investing in Crypto Economies

    Speaking: Kevin Hu

  • The Conversion to Smart Contracts

    Speaking: James Knippel, Mike Doyle, Sandra Wu

  • Regulatory Infrastructure

    Speaking: Irina Litchfield, James Glasscock

  • The ‘Money Flower’ and the Fall of Cash

    Speaking: Rod Garratt

  • Taking Ownership of a Digital World

    Speaking: Gabriel Rene, Emily Bush

  • Future of Banking

    Speaking: (Yoshitaka Kitao), Justin Leung, Nikola Pavesic

  • Capitalizing on Volatility

    Speaking: Haim Bodek

  • Re-Evaluating Enterprise Infrastructure

    Speaking: Alex Veystel, Tony Greenberg, Jason Hsu, Maja Vujinovic


    Food Service (Pass hors d'œuvres)

  • Lauchness


  • Viceroy



Day 2

Tuesday October 16th

  • Registration at EDGEof

  • This is Tokyo

    Speaking: Lisa Moynihan

  • Musical Welcome

    Performing: Shelita Burke

  • Solving Volatility for Crypto-Consumers

    Speaking: Eric Lamison-White

  • Hyper-collaborative Ecosystems in Blockchain and Lean Agility

    Speaking: Vikki Huang, James Slazas, Nithin Eapen, Lisa Short

  • How to Build a Better Web

    Speaking: Tegan Kline

  • The New Dynamics of Data

    Speaking: Julian Wheatland, Josh Constine

  • Transacting Global Finance

    Speaking: Sean Koh, Ivan Perez Shashank Sripada

  • Morning Tao in Motion

    With: Arthur Levitan

  • Crypto Fund Managers

    Speaking: Jesse Tevelow, Alex Yamashita, Sandra Wu, Kevin Hu

  • Digital Reality and the Dawn of the Spatial Web

    Speaking: Gabriel Rene

  • Ending social inequality - Transforming the world through Blockchain technology launched in Japan

    Speaking: Kamiya Tomochika, Muuto Morikawa, Yasuaki Yamada

  • ICO/STO Pitching


  • Security Issues on the Blockchain

    Speaking: Fitz John Flynn, Robert Statica, Ph.D

  • Traditional Japanese Ceremony

    Tea Ceremony

  • ICO/STO Pitching


  • ICO/STO Pitching


  • The Near Future: Harnessing the Power of Emergent Blockchain Technology

    Speaking: Nikola Pavesic, Sinhae Lee

  • Lunch Break

  • In Conversation with Women of Crypto

    Speaking: Alison Burger, Emily Bush, Lisa Moynihan, Betsabe Botaitis

  • The Emergence of the STO

    Speaking: Paul Kim

  • ABAL Dinosaur Wireless Motion and Multiplay VR Experience

    ABAl VR Experience

  • BlakFX

    Speaking: Dr. Robert Statica

  • The Forgotten Importance of Infrastructure

    Speaking: John Cronin

  • Nova

  • Blockchain Marketing

    Speaking: Jason Fishman

  • BDX Alliance

    Speaking: Jamy Nigiri

  • STO and Tokenomics

    Speaking: Tatiana Koffman, Rui Zhang, Antoine Cote

  • Japane

    Speaking: Hironao Kunimitsu

  • The Rise of User Generated Currencies

    Speaking: Galia Benartzi

  • Automating Regulation

    Speaking: John Wise, Bob Cornish, Jill Richmond

  • Practical Tao in Technology & Life

    Speaking: Arthur Levitan

  • STOs and the Great Debate

    Speaking: Alex Nascimento, Galia Benartzi, Kendrick Ngyuen, James Glasscock

  • The Power of Community Building The Power of Community Building

    Speaking: David Denberg, Todd Porter, Bear Kittay

  • Tokenization of Business Models

    Speaking: David Orban

  • Regulatory Infrastructure

    Speaking: James Glasscock, Bob Cornish, Kendrick Ngyuen, John Wise

  • Redesigning Global Economies for Good

    Speaking: Bobby Batista

  • Keeping Up with Development Demand

    Speaking: Veeral Lakhani and Dan Mapes

  • Token Alliance: An Initial Step Towards Self-Regulation

    Speaking: Perianne Boring, Paul Atkins, Matt Roszak


    Speaking: Lisa Moynihan

  • Closing Party at IDOL


    11-9, Minamiaoyama 5-Chōme, Minato, Tokyo, Japan 107-0062

  • After Hours continues at 10AK

    DJ Equal


Day 3

Wednesday October 17th

  • Check Out