Maja Vujinovic

Maja Vujinovic.jpg

CEO, OGroup

Maja started her career in mobile payments and infrastructure development in emerging markets (Sub Saharan Africa and Latin America). She took interest in bitcoin in 2011 and was instrumental in the development of Noble Bank in 2013. As Chief Innovation Officer of Emerging Tech at General Electric, Digital, she spearheaded an initiative around decentralization, token economics and blockchain framework. Maja was a catalyst for an electronic wallet for machines in GE’s brilliant factory project (IoT) and innovation around utility of excess computational power and electricity produced by large assets such as airline engines and manufacturing plants. 

Maja currently runs OGroup, an investment firm focused on token structuring and blockchain for enterprise. She is co-founder of a blockchain project Accrete (first coin asset management platform) and she is on the board of CoinDesk.

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