Arthur Levitan

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Taoist Master, California Tao, Inc.

Master Arthur has spent over 30 years at the intersection of technology and spirituality as a serial entrepreneur, CEO, practitioner and teacher. He has founded a number of tech companies in multiple industries growing them from startup to sale, always focusing on technological innovations.

At the same time, Master Arthur has studied and taught Taoism. His school, California Tao (since 2009), emphases practical daily applications of Tao and the practice of Qigong. He has been recognized and ordained by the High Priestess of the Qingcheng Mountain Taoist temple in China. Having used Taoism to successfully navigate and maintain his own ventures through initial growth phases, long-term ups and downs, crisis and success, Master Arthur now provides these tools to individuals and teams to help foresee and manage business and life’s challenges, and deliver sustainable results. His upcoming book “Outlast” is a practical guide and method on how to manage internal energies while going through a changes and challenges.

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