Dr. Robert Statica

CEO and President, BL∆KFX

Dr. Robert Statica is the CEO & President of BL∆KFX, and is the world’s Top 1% expert in cyber-defense, cryptography, AI & technology with over 25 years experience in both private and public sectors.

He is an Inventor, scientist, technologist, engineer & professor with 30+ patents & extensive international experience.

BL∆KFX brings security and efficiency improvements to the Blockchain, and is building the next generation and ultra-secure crypto platform: BL∆Kchain, BL∆Kwallet & BL∆Kxchange.

Prior to BL∆KFX he was the Sr.Vice-President – Technology & Research for DarkMatter an international Tier 1 cyber security & cyber national defense organization in Abu Dhabi and was the Co-Founder & CTO of Wickr, the most secure communications platform in the world.

Previous organizations also include SIG Homeland Security, United Alert, NJIT & Linsafe.

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