Hironao Kunimitsu

Hironao Kunimitsu.jpg

Founder and CEO, gumi, Inc.

In 2007, Hironao founded gumi, Inc., which is now a public company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In 2015, he established Tokyo VR Startups, Inc. Additionally in 2016, he led the investment in VR-focused venture capital fund "The VR Fund, L.P.”, and gumi became a general partner. Hironao continued to help nurture global VR community through co-founding "Seoul VR Startups" in 2016 and “Nordic VR Startups” in 2017, incubation program in Seoul and Nordic respectively.

Since 2017, Hironao started to pay attention to the blockchain and cryptocurrency area. and at the beginning of 2018, he founded crypto investment fund, gumi Cryptos.

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