Satsuki Katayama

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Minister of State Responsible for Regional Revitalization, Regulatory Reform and Gender Equality

Katayama is a politician serving her second term in Japan's House of Councillors as a representative for the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Her responsibilities include Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense (Chairperson), Committee on General Affairs, Committee on Audit, Special Committee on Reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake (Director), Commission on the Constitution and Deliberative Council on Political Ethics.

Katayama joined the the Ministry of Finance in 1982, and has since served as the first female career superintendent of the Kaida Tax Office in Hiroshima, first female member of the governmental delegation to the G7 Summit, and the first female budget examiner in the Budget Bureau. She previously represented the Shizouka 7th district in the House of Representatives for one term. Her areas of expertise include economic and fiscal policy, energy and industrial policy, and disaster prevention.

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