Shankhri Balaji

Shankhri Balaji.JPG

Director of Marketing & Community, Fr8 Network

Shankhri is project manager and community manager at Fr8 Network, a company seeking to connect disparate systems and stakeholders across the global shipping industry by creating a single source of truth for blockchain-enabled logistics. She is also the co-founder of an ecommerce project centered around handmade goods from camps and rural villages in the developing world, and an advisor to Artifax Digital, a blockchain content creation and marketing firm. Previously, Shankhri led finance and operations at Arcane Reality, a VR & AR consulting and development studio where she built several internal and clientele processes from the ground up.
As an instructor for academic boot camps and product user workshops, Shankhri developed a strong affinity for education in technology and has recently been delving deep into various knowledge-sharing initiatives such as #LearnWithFr8, a collaborative learning series for those looking to learn about blockchain and its particular use cases for logistics and supply chain, and multiple #WomenInBlockchain and #WomenofCrypto groups and projects.

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